Why Choose Us? Great Products � Wide Selection � Good Feelings! Quick Your orders are processed on the same or next day they are received. You will be notified if there are any delays expected. Right I strongly believe that an order must be done the way the customer intends it to be. I work tirelessly to determine your intentions to insure the best possible results of the promotion. Value The prices that are charged are reasonable by industry standards. By simplifying and customizing the search and buying process, we hope to win your business again! Easy We are available by phone, fax, website, email, regular mail � all the usual ways! I can take your concept or photocopied artwork and turn it into a clean crisp finished product usually at no cost to you!! Personalized None of my customers really want these products. What they do want are the very positive effects that a great well thought out program will do for them. We design programs to: Build relations with customers, Build more traffic, Conventions and trade shows Home and Business calendars, Safety And many more! Who We Are Promotions Northwest was started in 1994 to create and simplify obtaining advertising programs.We help to solve problems for customers in all businesses, from accounting to health care to manufacturing to trucking � and many more. Most of my customers have been customers for more than five years. The effects of a great promotion can last forever. Bookmark this site and visit us often!